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A20-TX Plug-on Adaptor

A20-TX Plug-on Adaptor

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This is a workflow changer allowing you to quickly and efficiently switch between microphone rigs in a matter of seconds. 

It works seamlessly with all microphones including those with digital AES outputs. 

No more re-rigging your tx setup everytime you want to swich microphones on set. 

The caddy 

- Made out of high strength (and highly temperature resistant) Nylon12.

- Incorporated clips which self aligns the tx and keeps it tightly in place.

- Includes a thumb screw which seats inside the A20-TX allowing a 'locked in' position.

The cable

-Uses Lemo 3 style connectors and locking Neutrik EMC XLRs

- Includes a Neutrik designed RF filter board which greatly minimises RF disturbance caused by digital transmission. 

- Thick braid for superior sheilding and longevity

Please allow up to 10 days for fulfillment of order.

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