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Sound Devices Wireless Organiser Blocks v1 - Digital STL Only

Sound Devices Wireless Organiser Blocks v1 - Digital STL Only

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I designed these to help organise my Pelican 1520 radio mic case but they should fit in rack drawers or whatever you store your transmitters in.

They are designed so that the transmitters can keep their antennas and DPA microdot connectors on while being stored. The A20mini cutout fit with or without the double batt door and the A20tx cutouts fit both the SD A20tx and the Audio Limited A10tx. 

The modular blocks are dovetail joined together so that you can configure as you'd like

I'm currently just giving them away as free STLs so people can print their own.

Includes files for:

- 8x TX block (2x A10/A20 + 6x A20mini)

- 2x A10/A20 Adaptor Block (this fits both Audio Limited A10 tx's and Sound Devices A20 tx's in Dhun Designs Adaptors)

- An assortment of modular blocks which can be interlocked with each other so you can make yours as per your specific config

- Some storage bins to hold the organisers higher up in a pelican and also to add some storage underneath (only for non modular blocks)

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